Highlights & Takeaways

This course is for you if

  • You are interested in a step-by-step process to sustainably enable the arch in the spine

  • You are interested to refine your understanding of your own spine in movement practice

  • You are interested in a complete spinal mobility & flexibility program

  • You are interested in mechanics & transitions to integrate a fluid spine into all your movement

  • You are interested in improving your total body awareness and movement intelligence

  • You would like to enrich all your movement disciplines with a solid understanding of this central axis

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About The Course

This program is a careful process to enable and support a sustainable and comfortable arch in the spine.

We work from basics including joint mobility and flexibility, moving into the study of mechanics & transitions which allow us to integrate a soft, strong spine into our general movement.

This program is based on a methodology tested in practice with hundreds of workshop students; based on years of research into habilitation of the arch by applying neuromechanical concepts, functional anatomy and biomechanics. The aim is to allow you to comfortably inhabit complex spinal movements, with an understanding of all the variables involved.

This 12-week program includes audiovisual material, written guidelines for the practice, and complementary theoretical material to deepen your knowledge of important concepts involved in the movements we aim to achieve. You receive a wealth of expertise, which will undoubtedly ripple out to inform your wider practice of movement.

No specific acrobatic experience is needed for this course. You are undertaken on a complete and progressive process, in which we take care of the most elementary needs first. For this reason this course will appeal to anyone interested in developing their movement skills. Come as you are!

Throughout the course you will receive direct individual feedback, and are able to ask questions at any time. I am here to support you.

About Lucía

Lucía Toker is a dancer and acrobat dedicated to movement research and teaching.

From a very young age, she experienced different disciplines such as gymnastics, floor acrobatics, contemporary dance and improvisation.

She has been teaching for more than 10 years, focussing on the development of an organic acrobatics methodology and its integration in general movement. The mechanics of the spine have been a key strand of her research, explored for many years in a series of workshops “The Curve”

Lucía is from Buenos Aires, but she also performs and teaches in different provinces of Argentina and countries of Europe. Traveling has also been a fountain of inspiration and networking, working closely with colleagues in the field including Tom Weksler & Carsten Stausberg. As a dancer, she has worked for several years performing solo pieces in a variety of dance festivals.

Her interest in rehabilitation and training led her to exchange with Kinesiologists formed in RPG®, Osteopathy, Myofascial Therapy, Functional Training, and Flexibility. She is qualified in Global Active Stretching®, Eutony, Flexibility by Biomechanics, Body Mind Balancing® and took courses in Anatomy, Physiology, Biology, Biophysics, and Biomechanics in several Universities in Buenos Aires.

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