• Increase Your Energy

    Qi Gong is a practice of gentle physical movement, breathing patterns and a focused mind. It will bring clarity and vitality.

  • Release Tension

    Through learning about efficient physical alignment and mindful practice of releasing tension, emotions and thoughts, you will learn to deal with life in a more relaxed and joyful fashion.

  • Get to know yourself

    Understand basic terminology and ideas behind this ancient chinese method of self cultivation without getting into useless details. Trust in a clear path of follow along instructions, bite sized knowledge transfer. Just lean back and enjoy the practice.

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This is a free course. A gift for you!

If you’re joining me for this course in 2021 or beyond, you’ll notice that I started this small basic Qi Gong series on our first day of the second Covid-19 Lock Down in Germany. This is why you’ll find some references to ‘Lockdown’ in the videos along the way… hopefully a word we don’t need to hear so much of anymore!

This entire course is about building a first solid foundation for further Qi Gong Practice. We do so in an incremental Step by Step fashion, so this course is a perfect entry point even if you have zero experience.

Throughout the first days, every day will bring some new content. Once we build up some material to work with, you don't need to follow along on a daily basis. In general, finishing this course in about 4 weeks is ideal. From here, you may continue to the upcoming three month course "Daily Qi Gong #2".

This first Qi Gong Course is essential for understanding the starting point of the "Daily Qi Gong #2" Course. So, always start here before joining the follow up course.

In this course, new content will drip in daily, but as I mentioned above, take your time. Qi Gong is not a race. We are here to increase your energy, to release some tension, to calm your breath and ease your mind. No more, no less. And therefore, I wish you joy and curiosity on your way.

As in all our other courses on this platform, we are here to support you! Just shout out via the discussion board with any questions or comments and we will be right at your side.

See you along the way,

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Using The Platform

    • Course Communications

    • How Feedback Works

  • 2

    Daily Qi Gong

    • Daily Qi Gong // Day 1 - A First Encounter With Gravity

    • Daily Qi Gong // Day 2 - Forming Habits

    • Daily Qi Gong // Day 3 - Reps don't matter!

    • Daily Qi Gong // Day 4 - Tian Di Ren - 天地人

    • Daily Qi Gong // Day 5 - Permeable is the new Palpable

    • Daily Qi Gong // Day 6 - Opening 3 Centers

    • Daily Qi Gong // Day 7 - You are a wiggle, and the world is wiggling you

    • Daily Qi Gong // Day 8 - Easter Bunny, Dressed in Silk

    • Daily Qi Gong // Day 9 - Opening 3 Centers Revised

    • Daily Qi Gong // Day 10 - Connecting The Legs

    • Daily Qi Gong // Day 11 - First Integrations

    • Daily Qi Gong // Day 12 - Practice Time

    • Daily Qi Gong // Day 13 - Xia An Shi / 下按式

    • Daily Qi Gong // Day 14 - Further Details

    • Daily Qi Gong // Day 15 - Full Sequence


5 star rating

Loved every second

Kathrin Jacobsen

I really enjoyed this course, the build up to the full sequence was very thoughtfully set up and easy to understand even for a Qi Gong beginner. The videos a...

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I really enjoyed this course, the build up to the full sequence was very thoughtfully set up and easy to understand even for a Qi Gong beginner. The videos are all very well made and I loved the outdoor settings. Thank you for making this available for free, it's very generous of you. I will definitely try and integrate Qigong into my daily routine in the future.

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This Course is a gift to you. May it help you to integrate some mindful movement practice into your daily life.