What will you learn in this course?

Mindfulness practices are very popular. Some praise their effects on work efficiency, others praise their super powers in developing a stellar immune system. Some recite neuroscience, others delve in mystical adventures of the mind.

Let's keep it simple first: Internal Work is good for you.

And through joining this course, you might experience the following:

  • Move more gracefully and powerful

  • Reduce mental and physical tension

  • Refine body awareness and overall wellbeing

  • Become more agile, adaptive and flexible

  • Develop a holistic and healthy form of self practice

  • Learn at your own pace at your own place

  • Full support and individual feedback throughout the course

  • No religion, no cult, no bs... this is 2021!

What is Internal Work

Mindfulness or Finding Connection

The term Internal Work is translated from the Chinese „Nei Gong“ and describes the Meditative Methods in Internal Martial Arts like Bagua Zhang, Xingyi Quan or Taiji Quan.

Internal Work is designed to cultivate a practitioners physicality, his mental capacities and personality. It is a strong instrument meant to support you, no matter life circumstances, health status or fitness.

Through the connection of gentle physical movement, breath and awareness, Internal Work seeks to harmonize our organism. It utilizes internal cues to change ingrained habits for the better, and therefore usually starts without much external movement.

What we are looking for in this beginners course is to become consciously aware of our body, of our posture and basic movement patterns. Therefore we first don’t need to learn more movement, but reduce it as far as we can. By standing still and reducing most variables of movement to a minimum we will be able to pay attention to our physical state, to recognize the alignment of our joints, the pressure of gravity, internal rhythms and for example the influence of our breath on our balance.

Internal Work is an essential method of physical cultivation. A daily practice to tune-in, to connect with your environment and your senses. It doesn't require much time, but is best practiced on a regular basis. This way it can be a very strong tool to nourish overall health and fitness. The kind of self care every human needs to experience a healthy, joyful and vibrant lifestyle.

The methods shown in this 10 Week Online Course are easy to learn and very accessible. No prior experience needed. You may come as you are. We are here to support you.

Let's breathe again ...

This is way easier than it seems. You have all it takes.
Join the practice!

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